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Click the links below to be taken to issue information or, where possible, directly to poems and essays.


“This Ocean” selected as a winner of the 2016 Bermuda Triange Prize at The Poet’s Billow, “It Catches Us All in Turn” also published, 15 July 2015.


“Field Notes of an American WASP,” in Knee-Jerk, monthly(ish) feature.


“Anchor Bend,” Crab Orchard Review vol. 20 No. 1, p. 184.


“In the Movies This Would Precede the Grand Romantic Gesture,” on RomComPom, 20 February 2015.


“When My Mother Calls Me Thin,” in Out of Sequence, a special issue of Upstart. The poem, a response to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 146, is also mentioned in the afterword by Ayanna Thompson.


“Threads Woven and Rift,” on ModCloth’s Story blog.


“Botany as Desire” and “Fertlizer,” Permafrost, Spring 2013.


“To Persephone” and “For a Nephew Who Scared Me,” Noctua Review 2013.


“Counterbalance,” burntdistrict, issue 2, available in print only.

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