Double news!


February 22, 2015 by carolinetanski

Taking a quick break from my fantastic vacation because I have two (slightly delayed) bits of news to share:

Firstly, my poem “In the Movies This Would Precede the Grand Romantic Gesture” is up at RomComPom. I am so grateful that Susan Elliott Brown and Tom Holmes are providing a space for comedic poetry, and that they saw fit to give a home to a poem that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. I look forward to seeing what they unravel in this burgeoning subgenre.

Secondly, the estimable Dylan Jesse has gone live with the online news spinoff of Modern Drunkard, which you can find at This is a pairing made in a sticky-floored kind of heaven where the bathrooms don’t have mirrors and “closing time” means you leave only if the bartenders don’t like you. If you ever meet Dylan in a bar and buy him a drink he might tell you some fun/embarrassing stories about me, or he may just vex you with impossible card tricks. In any case, if you have an interest in fine cocktails, abundant beers, and snappy news analysis, go to Brutal Hammer immediately and enjoy.

One thought on “Double news!

  1. Doubly awesome, and I LOVE that poem! And congrats to Dylan. Well placed! Brutal Hammer is fortunate to have him!

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