burntdistrict: a gift that keeps on giving

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October 19, 2015 by carolinetanski

What a pleasant surprise to see that burntdistrict is featuring my poem, “Counterbalance,” on their blog this week! This poem, which originally ran in volume 1, issue 2, was my first publication. My mother was so excited that she bought me a burntdistrict tank top for Christmas that year, which I still wear all the time (it fits beautifully). This poem remains, to date, the one that the greatest number of my writer friends have elected their favorite among my work.

I’ve been following burntdistrict since their first issue. Jen Lambert and Liz Kay find amazing poems and give them a beautiful home. Raylyn Clacher, an intern who maintains the poem of the week feature, has been selecting riveting poems to feature (and now my own offering). You can read a sampling in their poems of the week, and even more if you buy an issue. They’re well worth the time and the money.

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