Knee-Jerk is back!


November 10, 2014 by carolinetanski

Has it been too long since you listened to me ramble for a while? Head on over to Knee-Jerk for the return of Field Notes of an American WASP. Then read everything else they have up, because it’s all amazing.

2 thoughts on “Knee-Jerk is back!

  1. Ahhhh! Caroline I LOVE It!
    I could feel you in every word, every sentence. I heart you so bad!
    “I know the dress codes, have strong opinions about caterers, and can keep a straight face through yet another rendition of “Pachelbel’s Cannon in D.” I can usually even keep myself from laughing at the part in Song of Solomon about the beloved bounding as a gazelle. Weddings are securely within my comfort zone.”
    There were so many quotes I love from this, including: “…it turns out it’s difficult to observe the mechanics taking place inside a cup.”

    It broke my heart not to be at their wedding, so thank you for taking me there. But more importantly, thank you for your craft. I was completely wrapped up in the interior and exterior of this piece.

    • Marla, you are so kind! The wedding, as wonderful as it was, didn’t feel complete without you, so I’m glad that in some small way you could be there with us. Plus, I still have you to thank for introducing me to Knee Jerk in the first place!

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